UZH PhDs teach min. 100 – max. 420 hours

All PhD students of the Faculty of Science MNF (UZH) have to prove that they acquired a minimum of 100 teaching hours and a maximum of 420 teaching hours.

How much you teach depends on:

The amount of required teaching hours depends on the PhD student’s responsible professor’s (head of the promotion committee) affiliation. A list of the program members and their affiliation is available  here

Professor's affiliation Teaching requirements

Division VI

"Computational Science & Neuroinformatics"

Teaching bachelor and master’s students, supervising and grading exams, supervising master’s students.

Division IV "Biology" see https://www.biologie.uzh.ch/de/Studium/Doktorat.html
All other divisions Teaching requirements should be conducted in consultation with the responsible professor

Note: Affiliated with the Division of Biology means that the head of your promotion committee (official supervisor MNF, responsible faculty member) is either 1) A professor at the Faculty of Science MNF within the Division of Biology OR 2) Has the right of promotion at the Faculty of Science MNF and is associated with the Division of Biology

ETH PhDs teach according to the Ordinance on Doctoral Studies ETH and the respective Department Regulations