1st Retreat – January 2015

Retreat 2015
Retreat 2015
Snowball battle

The first EBPhD Retreat took place January 22-23, 2015 in theMattli Antoniushaus.

Presenter Talk
Isaac Gravestock Using Power Priors
Andrea Farnham A study using a smartphone-app supproted electronic survey and localization tracking to map risk behaviours and sympotms of Swiss travelers
Tina Lohse BMI and Smoking
Manuela Ott Objective Bayesian model selection for generalized linear models
Beniamino Guerra Prediction models for exacerbations in COPD patients
Aline Richard Vitamin D status and its determinants
Mohamed Shilaih Targeting the unknown unknowns: Characterization of HIV positive patients not enrolled in the Swiss HIV cohort study (SHCS)
Alex Marzel HIV-1 transmission during recent infection and during treatment interruptions are major drivers of new infections in the Swiss HIV cohort study (SHCS)