SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus

The EBPhD program has close ties to the Swiss School of Public Health and its Inter-university Graudate Campus.

What is SSPH+

The Foundation Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+) assembles the academic public health expertise available across Swiss universities (Basel, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Svizzera italiana, Zurich, BFH, SUPSI and ZHAW). SSPH+ is based on the vision that public health is a scientific and professional field, shaped by a broad range of disciplines. In a small country like Switzerland, no single institution has the critical mass needed to cover all public health relevant areas.

What is the Inter-university Graduate Campus?

The “virtual inter-university faculty” provides a promising base from which to strengthen public health by assembling over 150 professors in public health sciences all across Switzerland. Since 1 June 2019, PhD students have the opportunity to enroll in the SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus to benefit from its offers to strengthen their academic skills, competencies, career paths and networks.

What do they offer?

  • State-of-the art training in methods and topical public health issues
  • Broad access to the SSPH+ Inter-university multidisciplinary research and teaching faculty
  • Guidelines for what constitutes a high quality PhD track in public health sciences
  • Unique networking opportunities with other PhD students and SSPH+ junior and senior scientists all across Switzerland
  • Cost-free access to PhD courses of the Inter-university Graduate Campus (apart from a processing fee of 30 CHF per course): actual course program
  • Reduced fees for courses offered by the seasonal SSPH+ schools (e.g. the Spring School in Geneva, the Summer School in Lugano and the Winter School in Wengen) and other partners
  • No additional requirements in terms of ECTS, publications etc. apart from the ones of your home university

How can you apply?

The only eligibility criteria for enrollment are the following:

  1. Your primary supervisor (committee head) must be an SSPH+ Faculty member
  2. You must be formally registered and approved as a PhD student in one of the SSPH+ Foundation partner universities such as the University of Zurich

If you meet these 2 requirements, you are welcome to apply here: