Methods seminar

What is it about?

The methods seminar is not only an important part of the curriculum but also very important for interdisciplinary exchange between the students of the different labs. It is the only course all students independent of the lab have to take. This is the place where students meet each other and get to know each other. It is not a classical lecture but very often a group of students is responsible for one session. Therefore students of the different labs have to collaborate and organize a lecture. Contentwise we are looking at very broad topics such as visualization, regression, personalized medicine, reproducibility & ethics, spatial epidemiology, biomedical & research ethics.

How to get the ECTS?

In order to be awarded the ECTEs you have to book the EB methods seminar via the UZH module booking system (OLAT is not a booking system, it is an e-learning system into which the students who booked the module are imported).

We expect that you only book the module if you actively participate in the preparation of a group session and we rely on your responsibility and on peer pressure to prevent abuse of this simple system of awarding credit points. If you are late in booking or if you need to book a spring/fall semester version for the second time, contact the Program Coordinator. Even if you don't book the module you are invited to come to the sessions and/or to actively participate in their preparation: you will learn nothing non-useful for your future career!

Coming up in Fall 2019: "Reproducibility"

Spring 2019 "Biomedical and Research Ethics"

Time: Wednesdays, 14.00 – 16.00     Venue: Hirschengraben 84 Room F05

Date Topic Lecturer/Expert
27 Feb

Introduction  to Bioethics

Introduction talk

Dr. Allessandro Blassime Bioethics ETH

6 Mar

The role of ethics committees

Students' session

Prof. Dr. med. Erich Russi

Cantonal Ethics Commission

27 Mar

Bioethics at the beginning & end of life

Students' session

Dr. Tanja Krones

Clinical Ethics, USZ

10 Apr

Big data ethics

Students' session

Dr. Marcello Ienca

Bioethics ETH

15 May

Ethical opportunities and challenges of clinical registries

Students' session

Dr. Corine Mouton Dorey

Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine

22 May

Faculty talk

Will be held at 4 pm

Prof. Rogers Kouyos Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology, USZ

Previous Methods Seminars

Year Topic Lead
Fall 18 Spatial Epidemiology Oliver Grübner
Spring 18 Regression Torsten Hothorn
Fall 17 Visualization Milo Puhan
Spring 17 Reproducibility & Ethics Torsten Hothorn
Fall 16 Misconceptions and Missspecifications in the interpretation of evidence Leonard Held
Spring 16 Personalized Medicine Milo Puhan
Fall 15 Visualization Milo Puhan
Spring 15 Reproducibility and Ethics Torsten Hothorn & Milo Puhan
Fall 14 Introduction to Epidemiology Milo Puhan