Career Development

What is it about?

Each year, the EBPI Scientific Managers, Director and Coordinator prepare a series of activities and trainings designed to make EBPhDs more competitive candidates in your fields. Our goal is to provide a variety of professional development courses over your 3 – 4 years that will develop your skills in the non-content areas that are essential to success.

Agenda for 2018/2019

Date Course Room & Time
12 Sep 18

EBPhD Kick-off Afternoon

Dilemma Game

Faculty Career Panel

EBPI HRS, F05 13.00-17.00
4 Oct 18

How to: Submit a paper

Héléne Aschmann & Jean-Philipe Krieger

F05 16.00-17.00
2 Nov 18 Writing Training 1 – Jürgen Barth

F05 9.30-17.00

9 Nov 18 Writing Training 2 – Jürgen Barth F05 9.30-17.00
30 Nov 18 Applicants' Meeting: SNSF Mobility

Epstein 16.00-17.00

7 Feb 19

How to: Revise & Resubmit

Sabine Rohrmann, Sarah Ziegler

Epstein 16.00-17.00

1 Mar 19 Interview Skills

F05 13.30-15.00

22 Mar 19

Application due: Guest Scientist for a Day Program

28 Mar 19

Dilemma Game

F05 16.00-17.00

25 Apr 19

Social Media Training for Reserachers

Presented by die tv-medientrainer

F05 8.00-17.30

28 May 19

Who Cares?

Discussion on Careers & Kids

Guest speakers: Prof. Drs. Eva & Roland Sigel

F05 11.30-13.00

3 June 19 Applicants' Meeting: SNSF Mobility Epstein 15.00-15.45
3 June 19

Dilemma Game

Leo Held & Gregor Jenny

Epstein 16.00-17.00
4 June 19

Post Doc Mentoring Event

Kyra Zens & Simon Schwab

Rechberg-Garden 16.00-17.00


Cup of Coffee with..


cup of coffee


Based on our students' initiative, the EBPhD program furthermore supports events that open up perspectives in addition to the traditional academic path. These events are organized and carried out independently by the students. Students mainly invite Alumni and external epidemiologists and biostatisticians for informal exchange on career path and experiences after the PhD.




27 Sept 18 Dr. Damian Hedinger Obsan
31 Oct 18 Dr. Daniel Sabanés Bové Google
6 Feb 19 Dr. Birgit Arn Datascientist
3 Apr 19 Dr. Caroline Bähler-Baumgartner Helsana
4 June 19 Dr. Kyra Zens, Dr. Simon Schwab University of Zurich