General information

The EBPhD program is run by the Life Science Zurich Graduate School (LSZGS), a joint organization belonging to UZH and ETHZ. It fosters the PhDs' research expertise in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and promotes their acquired skills for careers within and outside academia. The overall goal is to train our PhDs in designing, conducting and analyzing research studies in biomedicine. Depending on the specific research area students are expected to acquire core competencies in epidemiology or biostatistics.

How to obtain a PhD in Epidemiology & Biostatistics?

Obtaining a doctoral degree from the EBPhD program depends on the fulfillment of the following requirements:


Earning of 12 ECTS that fulfill the curricular requirements.


Completion of all required teaching hours depending on responsible's professor's affiliation.

Doctoral Committee

Successful completion of at least two committee meetings including pre-doctoral exam at second committee meeting.

Dissertation & Defense

Composition and successful defense of a dissertation containing original research.

Potential conditions

Completion of all relevant conditions and all additional requirements set by the institute or department where the student is matriculated.

PhD progress tracking

Continuous updating of personal MNF Student Admin (for UZH PhDs) or DissGo profile (for ETH PhDs), including the dissertation, and reached milestones.

In addition to the mandatory requirements, all students from the EB PhD program are expected to participate in the following activities where applicable.

Retreat Attending our summer and winter EBPhD retreat

Progress talk

Completion of one research in progress talk
Career development Participating in our career development series whenever applicable